As a resident of Leland who believes in transparency in government, fair elections, and honoring the will of the people, I was shocked and dismayed by the lack of transparency and the illegal and unethical actions that took place during the recent reigns of the previous H2GO Boards. If elected, I pledge to represent the interests of every H2GO customer in a fair, unbiased, and ethical manner. I realize that I can not satisfy everyone but I will strive to represent the majority of H2GO customers and not be beholden to any one area or use my position on the board to influence other issues such as annexation as our opponents are doing.


Technological Experience

I have 36 years of experience in the computer peripherals business. During my career, spent mostly in the design of IBM and Lexmark products, I developed the analytical and financial skills to evaluate complex technologies and make sound business decisions. I feel this education and experience background make me well qualified for the H2GO Board and I will put those skills to good. Vote for Rational, Competent, and Experienced Leadership.