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Flip Flop - or Vision?

This is a brief history of the H2GO controversy.

Presentation #1:

This is a copy of the presentation we use to introduce ourselves, give some history of H2GO and clearly show why Jeff and John are the only viable candidates for the H2GO Commissioner positions.

Judge Henry's April 22, 2019 Order

This is the entire Order entered by Judge Henry.

Court Ruling Highlights

This is a guide to some of the key points of Judge Henry's April 22, 2019 ruling.

"Leadership You Can Trust - Part 1"

This is a brief history of H2GO, a description of the Board of Commissioners, the current makeup of the board and why Jeff and John are the best qualified candidates for the open commissioners positions.

"Leadership You Can Trust - Part 2"

This is a closer look at why this election is so important to H2GO and why Jeff and John are the only qualified candidates.

Heroes and Villains

This is a look at who are the "Heroes" and who are the "Villains" in the attempted Belville takeover of H2GO.


Reverse Osmosis - John's Experience and Thoughts

This is a look at where John acquired his knowledge of RO systems and his thoughts on the H2GO system.

Clean Water Team - Not so "Clean"

This is a look at a few of the reasons John feels our opponents are not qualified for the Commissioner positions.

John looks at one of the many Hosmer/Laub Misrepresentations

This is a brief look at how the Hosmer/Laub team misrepresent well known facts.

Chairman Gerken Addresses Hosmer/Laub Errors

Chairman Gerken addresses factual errors and misrepresentations in an email sent by our opponents to their supporters

One Example of Hosmer/Laub Unprofessional Tactics

A booklet prepared by the Hosmer/Laub team with unauthorized photos of Brunswick County schoolchildren for their own political purposes.

Letter from Mr. Hosmer to Judge Henry During Course of Litigation

An email sent to Judge Henry during the H2GO-Leland-Belville litigation seeking confidential advice.

Emails between Commissioner-elect McCoy and Mr. Hosmer

Emails sent immediately after the November 2017 board meeting, discussing how the transfer of H2GO to Belville is advantageous for Compass Pointe and thanking Mr. Hosmer for his help.

An Email to the Belville Public Information Officer

An email from Mr. Hosmer demonstrating his close collaboration with Belville, and their attempts to "turn" H2GO Commissioner Bill Beer through deception.

An Email to Mayor Allen of Belville, from Mr. Hosmer

This is an email from Mr. Hosmer to Mayor Allen showing his support for the complete elimination of the organization he now wants to manage as an H2GO Commissioner.

How will you decide?

A look at another Hosmer/Laub false claim and the truth from the court record and Chairman Gerken.

H2GO: The Court and the Candidates –In Their Own Words

Quotes from the Court Record and the Candidates from the WHQR interviews and the League of Women Voters Forum

Waterford Email

A copy of an email I sent to my Waterford neighbors explaining one of the reasons that voting for Chairman Gerken and myself is so important.

Analysis of “Belville Press Release” 2019-10-15

Chairman Gerken takes a look at the recent Belville Press Release criticizing Leland and rejecting the proposed regional compromise plan.

H2GO: The Saga Continues ...

An update on the status of the proposed regional compromise plan among H2GO, Leland, and Belville, and where the candidates stand if the deal falls through.

Brunswick Drinking Water

A email exchange between Steve Hosmer and Ann Hardy, Brunswick County Manager, where she answers his questions regarding the H2GO aquifer RO and the County's water system.

Dr. Knappe and Dr. Cahoon's Comments

Emails to/from two local experts regarding the relative quality of the aquifer RO and the Brunswick County RO systems.

Informal Discussion for Nov 19, 2019

Chairman Gerken's comments during the Informal Discussion